Can I contact Deep Release directly to organise counselling for myself?

We don't organise counselling sessions directly and have no counselling staff in the office.

Our website holds a register of counsellors who have completed our training and wish to advertise their practice, but Deep Release holds no further information on individual counsellors and we are not able to recommend one practitioner over another.

Each counsellor provides contact details under their listing, so please use these to get in touch directly with any questions you might have about their service. 

I require counselling for a particular issue in my life, can a Deep Release counsellor help?

Counsellors listed in the Deep Release ‘Find a Counsellor’ section are general counsellors, although many will have gone on to train in specialist areas of interest. The Deep Release office holds no further information other than that supplied by counsellors in their listings. If you require help with a specific issue not mentioned, we would recommend you contact several counsellors from the list in your area to enquire about the suitability of their service for you.

I am unsure I can meet the full cost of counselling.

Each Deep Release counsellor sets their own session fees. We are sometimes able to offer assistance in meeting counselling costs for those having therapy with a Deep Release counsellor (please ask your counsellor to contact the office directly).