Introduction to Attachment - 30 April 2018

"Amazing and informative, professional and well delivered. Thank you!" - Cat

"Excellent. I found it all very easy to follow and learned a lot." - Jennifer

"Lots of information in an easy to understand format." - Martina 


Roles Played in Families - 25 April 2018

"Warm, enjoyable, challenging, clear training." - Wendy

"It was so helpful to practice using the cards."

"A fabulous day not to be missed."  - Angie 


Practical Skills in Attachment (Witney)- 23 April 2018

"Really informative and helpful." - Maxime

"Great mix of PowerPoint/handout, creative work and one-to-one work." - Liz

"It was exceptionally helpful to see the practical side of Attachment and how to work with clients' style. Well delivered and well paced." - Sian 

"Clear explanations. Trainer was very approachable and helpful."    


Bereavement, Grief & Loss - 18 April 2018

"I got exactly what I wanted from today...boosted my confidence." - Elaine 

"Gave latest theories around grief, good explanations of complex grief."                                                                                                                                                                                                       

"Good pace, space to discuss and good handouts." - Lesley 


Integrating Dream Work in Counselling - 22 March 2018

"I loved the way dream work was taught. So accessible." - Sue 

"Loved the format of the day. Fabulous teaching and take home resources." - Angie

"Well organised, practical and accessible. I have a natural tendency to want to interpret and 'fix' - today I received tools which will help me curb this and transfer my curiosity onto the client so they do the work!" - Graham

"Pauline's facilitation is warm, professional and knowledgeable." 

"(the) role plays really brought the theory to life." - Elaine 

"Beautifully organised, superbly facilitated." - Fi   


Gestalt Creative Weekend - 9-11 March 2018

"Restorative, relational and empowering! An excellent opportunity to be vulnerable in a safe non-judgemental group." - Adrienne 

"It has been an amzing weekend at many different levels - the depth of work and real connection at very personal levels between all members of the group has been truly astounding." - Agnes

"Fantastic! I learnt so much about myself. I have gained new skills in working creatively and want to embrace my own creativity going forward." - Debbie 

"Genuine, skilled facilitation with warmth and care. The most profound and welcome experience, thank you so much." - Laura 


Adult Attachment - 7 February 2018,  Weston-super-Mare

"The counselling sessions were a very good way of exampling how attachment styles influence our adult selves." - Naomi

"The style of trainer was real, relaxed, congruent and knowledgeable. There wasn't one part of the day where I felt disengaged." - Claire 

"Interesting and informative."

"The role plays were fantastic." - Richard

"Honest, positive and realistic." - Karen 


Counselling Couples - 1-3 December 2017

"The attachment model was explored in practical depths and its implication for relationships wonderfully expanded." - Vanessa

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was a great mix of theory and practical skills and I feel far more equippped and confident in not only seeing couples and wokring with them but reassured about how I am already working with them."

"You have given me a theoretical and practical insight into working with couples. You have helped me see different ways of understanding and viewing relationships." - Alistair

"You gave really good grounding in what is needed to start couples counselling."

"The course information was very educational and provided me with enough tools and knowledge to attempt couple counselling." 


Deep Release Counsellor Training Module - Depth Work - 24 June 2017, Witney

"It was a very relaxed, friendly, informal group and Hazel did a great job in teaching us."

"The material is good. Hazel is very open, friendly and easy to relate to."

"Felt very safe. Good explanations and demonstrations."

"(the day) gave me confidence to try some of this out. Very interactive, safe, supportive. Good mixture of practical with theoretical underpinning."

"Great experience...raised my interest in my own journey."

"Relaxed, accessible teaching style that enabled me to feel safe and vulnerable with other course participants."


Attachment, Shame & Separation - 21 June 2017

"(encouraged) us as counsellors that it is okay to make mistakes, that when reptures occur we can repair our relationships by being real and honest."

"Pace of learning was good. We were given time to relfect and process." - Maureen

"Just what I needed...good to see how attachment and shame impact work with clients." - Wendy

"(benefited me) in more ways than I can mention in detail..." - Amanda


Supervision CPD - 20 June 2017

"The pace of the day was really good...time to reflect and discuss at regular intervals." - Jackie

"Thank you, I really enjoyed the space today." - Lorna

"It's the first supervision CPD I've attended and it's making me think about boundaries." - Louise

"...helpful to reflect, explore and gain fresh persepctive." - Sally


Integrating Sand Trays in Counselling - 11 June 2017

"I always enjoy your warm, wise interactive training." Sally

"Refreshed and revivied my understanding and practice - both personally and professionally, and built my confidence."  - Jane 

"So many useful ways to work with sand trays, including really key things to do, and not to do." - Suzanne

"I loved the experiential nature of the day - the emphasis on learning by doing. The goldfish bowl was very powerful and offered so much learning." - Shuna

"...enlightening and empowering." - Lisa 

"Felt safe and well paced."


Integrating Art in Counselling - 10 June 2017

"New inspirational methods and tools." - Suzanne

"Very helpful course, great ideas for working with clients of all ages. Good balance of theory and creative activities throughout the day." - Heidi

"Interactive & interesting, imaginative and creative. I'm already thinking of how to integrate into my work." - Martine


ME, CFS & Fibromyalgia - 18 May 2017

"Information was precise and informative. Excellent handouts. Excellent day." 

"I feel much more informed...and how I, as a counsellor, could support a client in their illness and recovery."

"I (now) know and understand a huge amount more about ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia. I think just knowing more will enlighten my client work."


Disordered Eating & Attachment - 17 May 2017

"Always good to be trained by a facilitator whois passionate, well researched and informed about the subject being taught." - Kay

"Really useful ideas on the range of experiences that can impact on developing an eating disorder."

"Really, really, really excellent. Enjoyed combination of small group tasks, 'lecture' and opportunity to have time to ask questions." - Mark


Practical Skills in Transactional Analysis - 13 May 2017

"Pauline's training was amazing, the live demos and realness of the sharing really helped me understand the theory further." - Angie 

"I thought Pauline was extremely good, knowledgeable and personable and put a great deal of energy into the day. I have left with practical tools to take away to consider using with my clients." - DS

"Loved all of it. I liked the way it was presented as I am very visual..." - Yvette

"I enjoy the kind environment and the respectful approach towards everyone." - Louise


Practical Skills in Attachment - 12 May 2017

"The boundary work was excellent, and the small group work was good too." - Christine

"Simplified what is a very deep subject area." - Helen 

"It's great to get some very practical tools to use with clients alongside the solid theory." - Morag


Inner Child Skills (Wolverhampton) - 22 March 2017

"I really valued the experiential learning, the group was small enough for it not to be intimidating or daunting. Absolutely valued your training style, Hazel, sharing your knowledge and skills with genorosity." Tess

"Having a small group made it easier to share and explore with working together." Fiona 


Discovering Your Inner Child - 19 March 2017

"Good visuals, clear teaching as always, opportunity to contribute. Kind environment." Anon

"Very creative and very professional." Len

"(The training) has given me some great ideas of where to go next with my client work." Lesley

"The day was paced well, with adequate breaks and I didn't struggle with lack of concentration. Pauline devliered the course really well, capturing my interest throughout the session." Vikki


Pre-& Perinatal Trauma - 18 March 2017

"The safe environment felt just as it needed to be. Really enjoyed and appreciated the balance of information, interaction and space for me and my experience. Thank you, such a wonderful day." Anon

"I liked all the discussions and clips and it was delivered well." Laura

"So informative. Thank you for a super day of training. Loved it!" Suzanne


Introduction to Attachment - 17 March 2017

"It has been really good to look at my own attachment and now I can use what I have learnt in my client work." John

"(The training) put into context my personal experience." Amanda

"(The course) gave me a good level of knowledge (and I) feel able to go away and build on that." Dot


Getting to Grips with Gestalt - 2 March 2017

"Doing this for the second time was brilliant. It helped remind me of the benefit of working creatively and dynamically in the here and now." Christine 

"This course has brought it home to me to be more creative with clients." Charmain

"A full day rich in learning, sharing and practical exercises." Anon

"It really helped clarify my understanding of the concept of self in Gestalt." Mary


Roles Played in Families - 1 March 2017

"This training extended my knowledge of how to work with the cards. The theoretical background was helpful, as was the teaching and discussions." Eileen

"These cards are another way of accessing deeply buried things gently and powerfully!" Jacqui

"Brilliant day, loved it!" Angie

"I have the cards already but needed to know how to use them. Very helpful indeed." Jen

"Helped me put 'names' on different aspects of myself and my family - and to hold very disaprate characteristics in each person." Anon

"It has given me time and space to think about my role in my family of origin and how that influences who I am today and how I act/react/respond." Anon


Childhood Sexual Abuse & its Effects into Adulthood - 16 October 2016

"It has given me a much clearer understanding of the long and present effects of sexual abuse on a person, which will support me in my work to counsel children and young people." Suzanne

"Thank you so much for this richly resourcing training."  Wendy 

"One of the best lectures I have sat through and I really felt engaged - even with a heavy topic." Anon

"I enjoyed all aspects of today, despite the harrowing topic. It helped to hear that 'real' clients have become survivors." Sally

"The tutor was very approachable and made the course very interesting and real." Karen

"Relevant (training) with up to date statistics and events. Able to take on questions raised and give practical and meaningful guidance." Ian


Pre- & Perinatal Trauma: Life in the Womb - 15 October 2016

"A fascinating course, very insighful."  Katy 

"I really valued the teaching this morning as we followed the hand out. It just made so much sense to me." Kim

"Both the lecture and the practical exercises were well done. Questions were answered very helpfully." Peter

"Very well presented. A mine of information." Kath 

"A useful introduction to some concepts that I will use to inform my client work." Rebecca

"Setting the theory ahead of practical was excellent - I feel equipped." Christine


Attachment, Shame & Separation - 7 July 2016

"I have learnt so much and realised so much today." Corrina

"(The course) helped me to understand my childhood journey and its effects on my reactions to situations in life. I always find that I like and accept myself better after Deep Release courses." Annette 

"I loved it all! Presented with sensitivity and humour, acceptance and wisdom." Suzanne

"Encouraged me both personally and professionally." Irene


Adult Attachment Behaviour - 6 July 2016

"Helped me understand better some of my client work and gave me pointers for future work." Eleni 

"Engaging and clear with good materials." Sarah 

"I really enjoyed the day. A great pace broken up with lots of interaction." Jean 


Working with the Inner Child 2: Skills - June 12

 "(The course) has been life changing for me. It has helped me so much withlooking at myself, but will also have an impact on my client work as well. Thank you so much." Jackie

"I have been very blessed by the training today. Having experienced some of the interventions for myself, I'm eagerly anticipating working more creatively with my clients..." Carolyn

"I have taken so much from the day, from you and other delegates." Bernie

"It has provided a framework for my self-awareness. I have been allowed to put many of the pieces of jigsaw puzzle together, though acknowledging there is still work to be done." Jeremy


Working with the Inner Child 1: Discovery - June 11

"This training has really encouraged me. I have more insight into myown life and now have more understanding of how to help my clients." Maggie 

"I have been enlightened and understand more what my needs were as a child and I now have tools for others." Annette

"The practical sits well alongside the theoretical." Georgie

"A little like discovering a dusty treasure chest that hasn't been fully opened for some time. I feel really keen to attend to my little part(s) and encouraged to take my learning into my client work with renewed confidence." Laura  


Practical Skills in Gestalt - 13 May 2016 Working with the Inner Child 1: Discovery 

"I feel more equipped, have learned more about my own stuff and have been able to see where I need to tweak what I already do."  Amanda

"Really enjoyed the practical activities and will definitely use them with clients - thank you! Loved being ‘equipped’ in my counselling." Tetta

"Helped me identify the important of 'I - Thou' and meeting the other person." Wendy 


Practical Skills in Transactional Analysis - 12 May 2016 

"I have very much appreciated having a TA skills course with a difference." Sue

"A wealth of useful information on TA. My understanding has been illuminated and I have much more confidence in using this in therapy." Mary

"I think this training has really been good educational and will benefit me when I fully work as a counsellor and now I can work on it for a presentation at college. I will be back to learn more on different courses. (You) worked in depth to meet everybody’s needs." Nancy 


Practical Skills in Attachment - 11 May 2016

"Really good to be reminded about the attachment styles and how they can impact on the counselling relationship. Also food or thought on how my attachment style impacts on clients. Great mix of teaching, doing and observing role play. Fantastic handouts." Marion 

"As usual mixing the right amount of the theory and practical, combined with reflection." Susan  

"Excellent! Gave greater understanding of what it means to work with different attachment styles. Creative, insightful, affirming, generous training approach." Sarah 

"I enjoyed the mix of teaching styles, especially watching the role plays and how the didactic training can be used practically. (You) welcomed us and helped us to be free to ‘have a go’ at what we had learned in our own role playing. Gave us practical ways of using the theory of attachment." Alison