Bursary Fund


What is bursary assistance?

Our bursary fund is a registered charity (no. 1112125) and provides training and counselling grants. 

Thanks to the generous support of donors, we are able to offer up to one third or one half (depending on available funds) towards the cost of courses to those who could use some financial assistance (Brentwood and Southampton courses only). We are sometimes also able to offer assistance in meeting counselling fees for those having therapy with a Deep Release counsellor (please ask your counsellor to contact the office). All bursaries are subject to available funds. 


Who can apply for bursary assistance?

Anyone who could genuinely do with some help towards meeting costs! You don’t have to be receiving benefits or be unemployed to apply. Applications are not 'means tested', but we do ask you to provide the name and number of someone who can recommend on your form (e.g counsellor, supervisor, course tutor, pastor etc).


How can I apply for bursary assistance?

Simply click here to apply. Once your application is approved, you will be sent instructions on how to pay the balance of your course. Your booking is confirmed once payment is received. 


How can I make a donation to the bursary fund

We welcome all donations, whether one off or regular! Please click here. We have a number of donors who give through a monthly standing order. If you would like to consider giving in this way please contact us: info@deeprelease.org.uk


Can I get help towards the cost of accommodation? 

Regrettably, we can only offer bursary assistance towards course fees.