Core Needs in Families Cards


Our Core Needs in Families cards are supplied laminated, ready for you to cut out at home. With a mixture of original artwork by Pauline Andrew and photo images, these unique cards will enable you to explore (both in the past and present) the needs that are essential to emotional health and secure attachment.                                                                                                                                                                      

“I have found these cards both easy to use and effective in exploring past, present and future with clients.”


Roles Played in Families Cards

Our popular Roles Played in Families Cards are supplied laminated, ready for you to cut out at home. With original artwork by Pauline Andrew, these attractive and humorous cards draw on ideas from Transactional Analysis, including Games People Play and the Persecutor-Rescuer-Victim drama triangle.  They will enable you to explore family dynamics with clients in a unique and powerful way.


“Fantastic! Client loved them and said they expressed the things she had been struggling to put words to. She loved actually handling them, sorting through them and can't wait to continue with them next week.” 



Roles Played in Families Extra Set A

Add to your Roles Played in Families pack with these 8 new cards, comprising: 

  • The Bulldozer 
  • Golden Boy/Golden Girl
  • The Ostrich
  • Glue 
  • The Escape Artist,
  • The Rescuer
  • The Baby
  • The Bully 

Angie's Pebbles

  • Sustainably sourced pebbles for your counselling practice 
  • Created using acrylic paints and specialist stone pens with a choice of matt or gloss finish
  • Choose your own colours and wording
  • Black or white lettering on stones: £3 each, or 5 stones for £12 (+ P&P)
  • Colourful writing on stones: £5 each, or 5 stones for £20 (+ P&P)
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  • A Handbook of Creative Counselling 1
  • A Handbook of Creative Counselling 2
  • Anger: Who's in Control?
  • Cycles of Development
  • Learning to Love Myself
  • Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
  • Passionate Prayer
  • Stretched to the Limit
  • Time to Journal
  • Too Close for Comfort
  • Trauma, Shock & Disssocation
  • When Church Hurts
  • When Relationships Hurt
  • Why Deep Release?

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A Handbook of Creative Counselling 1

An illustrated guide to a wide variety of creative interventions for counsellors, including:

  • working with toys, figures, and animals
  • working with fairy tales, art work and symbols
  • using pictures and many other creative ideas

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A Handbook of Creative Counselling 2

Following on from A Handbook of Creative Counselling 1, chapter headings include:

  • Dreams
  • Storyboards
  • Boxes
  • Behind the Mask
  • Working with Shells, Stones, Circles

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Anger: Who's In Control?

  • Finding a safe place to be angry
  • The pain behind the anger
  • Where does forgiveness fit in?
  • Is it OK to be angry with God?
  • Personal testimonies

Cycles of Development

  • A look at the different stages we go through in life, from birth to old age, and what happens if our needs aren't met.
  • A fascinating journey which highlights our developmental needs and the consequences for relationships, identity and self-worth.
  • Includes Erikson's Life Stages.

Learning to Love Myself

  • Where do we find our value?
  • Symptoms of low self esteem
  • Breaking the hold of the past
  • The healthy child and the hurt child
  • Ways through to wholeness

Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

  • What causes us to fear?
  • Roots in the past
  • Fear of death
  • Overcoming my fears

What is the difference between fear and anxiety? Where do they come from and how can we deal with them?


Passionate Prayer

  • How to engage your whole body and emotions in prayer to find new strength, energy and power.
  • Creative and dynamic ways to broaden your prayer life.
  • A5 booklet.

Stretched to the Limit

Stress Management for Exhausted People

  • Topsy-turvy lifestyles
  • Topsy-turvy values
  • Steps to take
  • Ordering my world

This booklet aims to explain and help you to manage your stress in a way that is not going to cause you more!


Time to Journal

When did we last stop, sit down and take the time to look at what's happening in our world?

This booklet endorses and describes the creative art of journal writing, helping us to take stock, learn from our past and make changes for the future.  An valuable tool that helps to promote self-awareness and growth in healing.


Too Close for Comfort

In the words of one experienced counsellor, "When you're confused by a client's behaviour...think Attachment!". This substantial Handbook looks at the vital issue of attachment within the counselling setting, drawing together the essentials of this vast subject in a clear and simple fashion. 


Trauma, Shock & Dissociation

  • What is 'Normal'?
  • The Brain & Defensive System
  • The Autonomic Arousal Model
  • Structural Dissociation
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Implications for Trauma & Dissociation Work
  • General Summary of Principles for Working with DID

When Church Hurts

A personal and challenging look at toxic churches and the pain of spiritual abuse, including fear-based conversions, stages of faith, the 'fix-it' mentality, church personality types, Attachment theory and the church, and many stories from people who have come through abusive situations.


When Relationships Hurt- Toxic Friends & Troublesome Families

A challenging look at how hurt people hurt people  and how we can break free from toxic relationships. Includes Transactional Analysis, Roles played in Families, Defences, the Drama Triangle, Games People Play, how to change behaviour and Caring Confrontation.


Why Deep Release?

This A5 booklet explains the history, the model and the principles involved in the practice of Deep Release work as the author has sought to find an integrated way of working in the counselling setting that combines the spiritual with the emotional and the physical.