Directors Chris and Pauline Andrew celebrating 20 years of Deep Release at the Principles and Practice of Deep Release Level 4 weekend in November 2014, with around 30 of our senior counsellors

Founded in 1994 with a basis of Christian faith and spirituality by Dr Chris & Pauline Andrew, Deep Release offers some of the most innovative and exciting counselling training courses currently available in the UK.

We train counsellors in the use of many different creative approaches, including the release of blocked emotions, Gestalt interventions, creative tools and pre- and perinatal psychotherapy (in-womb and very early trauma). We place strong emphasis on research, particularly in the areas of neuroscience, body work and trauma.  A high priority is given to continuous professional development.



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Our Bursary Fund is available for those who would appreciate financial assistance towards the cost of training.  If you would like to help others by contributing to the Fund, please join our Family 500 scheme.


Our training courses are interactive, highly visual, lively and challenging. 
One day and weekend seminars are held in Brentwood, Essex, on a wide variety of topics relevant to both counsellors and clients.  Presenters include Pauline and Dr Chris Andrew and the Deep Release Training Team, as well as special workshops by outside speakers.

Click here for information on courses around the UK or hosting one of our courses in your region.


  • "The visuals were excellent and the exercises so powerful. The anger demonstration was fantastically clear and helpful - so impacting and encouraging."

     'S', Attendee on Principles & Practice of Deep Release Level 1

  • "Thank you Pauline for creating a safe place that I come back to year after year and always leave with something for myself and my clients." 

    Amanda, Childhood Sexual Abuse course, June 2013




  • "Jacqui is a brilliant leader, calm, excellent at knowing how much to say, not rushed and giving room for interaction. Excellent content and beautiful overheads."                                                                               Jenny, Mindfulness, Nov 2013












    "Jacqui is a brilliant leader, calm, excellent at knowing how much to say, not rushed and giving room for interaction. Excellent content and beautiful overheads. A++"












    Jenny- Mindfulness, Nov 2013




  • "I finally understood how the brain works, and the effects on personhood!! - lots of clear ways of explaining the developmental aspects were given, which was very helpful indeed."
    Attendee at Mental Health Issues in Counselling course, Nov 2013

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Through PACT, Deep Release publishes a range of booklets covering topics such as Anger, Trauma, The Inner Child, Attachment and Relationships.  We also produce 2 Handbooks of Creative Counselling full of creative interventions for counsellors to use in their practice.


Click here if you would like to know if there is a Deep Release counsellor near you.  Counsellors are listed by geographical area and also by name.  You can find out more about them by clicking on their name.  We also offer a Find a Supervisor service.


If you have any questions about any of our training or publications please contact our friendly office staff who will be pleased to help.

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