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Attachment, Shame & Separation

A deeply impacting day which looks at where shame originates and its powerful effects on relationships and wellbeing.  Also covers separation anxiety.

Tonbridge, Tonbridge Baptist Church 27/10/2017 £70.00
The Neurobiology of Suicide **New Course**

Jackie Barrett takes a look at how it feels to be suicidal, what happens in the brain and body, Attachment issues and aspects of assessment.  Includes psychoeducational tools.

Brentwood, Sion Community 03/11/2017 £75.00
Childhood Sexual Abuse and its Effects into Adulthood

Early abuse and neglect affect body, soul and mind; a training day on Disorganised Attachment, trauma bonds and the impact on adult relationships.

Brentwood, Sion Community 04/11/2017 £70.00
Adult Attachment Behaviour

What happens as we grow older?  Do Attachment patterns change?  How do I make sense of the insecurities and anxieties I can feel in my adult relationships?  Includes the Adult Attachment Interview and demonstration of 8 sessions of counselling.

Wolverhampton, The Church @ Broad Street 15/11/2017 £60.00
Deep Release Counsellors Conference

A practical training weekend for all Deep Release counsellors.  Includes former Principles & Practice of Deep Release (P&P) 2-4.  Participants will be divided into skills-appropriate small groups, including supervised sessions and coaching.  Counsellors who are registered on the DR website are expected to attend every year.

Brentwood, Sion Community
17/11/2017 to 19/11/2017
Counselling Couples ** New Course**

Working with couples is both exciting and challenging.  Ken and Susie Donaldson explore Attachment issues, security, sex, affairs, blended families and much more!

Qualified counsellors only - book early as numbers are limited.

Brentwood, Sion Community
01/12/2017 to 03/12/2017
Gestalt Creative Weekend

What is an Experiential Gestalt Weekend? It sounds scary!
Gestalt encourages us to explore all the different aspects of who we are and especially how we feel in groups. Many of us have had less than perfect group experiences and this is a chance to share your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive setting. You are invited to come as you are and find acceptance and encouragement to be real.

Do we just sit and talk at one another?
Not at all! There will be lots of creative interventions to start off the different sessions. Each participant has the opportunity to work on any issue they want to bring into the group, if they choose to. One person's work often triggers another and, as Carl Rogers put it, we find “what is most personal is most universal” and a sense of being held and understood by the group can be profoundly healing. 

Will this benefit my client work?
Definitely! The deeper we go with ourselves, the more effective we are as counsellors, and the more we can work at relational depth with our clients. You will also experience how effective creative interventions can be. 

Can I come for part of the weekend?
Afraid not. The commitment is to all sessions and meals from Friday 2pm to Sunday 3pm, in order to keep the group process going at all times. The programme does include times of personal space. 
Who else will be there?
The weekend is for qualified counsellors only. Many who attend share Christian faith, but people of all faiths or none are welcome. All we ask is that you are willing to be vulnerable and are accepting of others. 

Previous Feedback:

"Freeing and supportive. I would encourage all counsellors to give this weekend a go. It exceeded my expectations."

"I was always hesitant about working in groups, but I loved this weekend. I felt very supported and that everyone was rooting for me as I explored an issue that had been troubling me for some time."

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Brentwood, Sion Community
09/03/2018 to 11/03/2018